Collegium Caidis

03/19/2016 - 03/20/2016

Please join us for the 2016 Session of Collegium!

Collegium Location - 2016
 Los Coyotes Middle School  
  14640 Mercado Ave
La Mirada, CA, 90638
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Schedule 2016



Last Modified: March 4, 2016

Notes: Check the Catalog for Pre-Requisites, or materials students should bring to the class! Class ending times are ten minutes BEFORE the hour, so students can get to their next class on time, teachers have time to prepare for their next class, and parents can check on their student children. While we understand waiting until after class to ask questions because you want to know more, please respect these much needed breaks.

If unable to view the Schedule below, please refer to the following webpage


Cooking Track:
1. Cancelled "Tales & Myths About Period Food", Saturday 4 - 6
2. Added "Working with Sugar Paste", Saturday 9 - 11
3. Added "The book of Sent Sovi", Saturday, 11 -1
4. Moved "Mustard" to Saturday, 4 - 6
5. Added "Making a Satisfying Loaf of Bread" to Sunday, 2 - 4

Brewing Track:
1. moved "Flavored Cordials" to Sunday, 11 - 1

Bardic Track:
1. moved "No-No &*%$! Stories" to Saturday, 9 - 11


Added to the Catalog

Costuming/Textiles Track:
1. Intro to silk painting

Society Skills/SCA Officers Track:
1. Lists- how to run a list and be an officer

Costume Textiles:
1. Cancelled Flemish Working Class Ensemble
2. Changed Time for From Inspiration to Wearable Garb
3. Cancelled Egyptian Sheath Dress & Headware

Fiber Arts
1. Changed time for Basic Sprang Bag
2. Cancelled Silk Banner Making Part 1 
3. Changed time for Tablet Weaving for Beginners
4. Cancelled Silk Banner Making Part 2

1. Added Cut & Thrust Workshop & Practice