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Last Modified September 18th, 2008

Notes: Class ending times are ten minutes BEFORE the hour, so students can get to their next class on time, teachers have time to prepare for their next class, and parents can check on their student children. While we understand waiting until after class to ask questions because you want to know more, please respect these much needed breaks.

9:00 - 10:50 11:00 - 12:50 2:00 - 3:50 4:00 - 5:50 9:00 - 10:50 11:00 - 12:50 2:00 - 3:50
Combat (Archery, Armored, Rapier & Unarmored)
Teaching The Beginning Archer Getting As fit As Medieval Archers Archers Cart Intermediate Archery Better Archery Through Better Form Arrow Straightening Or Bumping Cresting With Period Pigments
Aeolwigg Aelfwiggsson Drusus Von Augsburg Michael of Bouldon Aeolwigg Aelfwiggsson Fearghus MacCulloch Robet Lanternsmith & Robin Greenwood Antoinette Rosaura dela Villaverde & Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani
Beginning Archery Single-sword For
Armored Combat:
Winning With One Hand Tied Behind Your Back
      Lists Practicum  
Antoinette Rosaura dela Villaverde Lorccn hua Conchobair       Cassandre Loustaunau  
Historic Rapier For The Rest Of Us Teaching A Drill, It's EASY! Basic Rapier Melee Rapier Melee Command Light To The Left Eye: Blow Calling Roundtable Mini Tournament & Fighting Practicum  
Meala Caimbeul Grainne ingen Lasrach Lot Ramirez Lot Ramirez Oliver Dogberry Caidan Marshalate  
Thrown Weapons Marshalling Thrown Weapons for Beginners Marshalling Rapier Melees Armored Combat Marshalling 101   Rapier Marshalling Practicum  
Ryan of Rickford Ryan of Rickford Grainne ingen Lasrach Caidan Marshalate   Caidan Marshalate  
Cooking / Brewing
Feast Preparation Cooking A Feast Without A Kitchen Redaction 101 Practical Hearth Cooking Food Preservation Without Ice
Jamal Damian Marcus Muiriath mac Labhruinn Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia Jamal Damian Marcus Meala Caimbeul
Honey Drinks Aqua Vitae - A Short History Of Distillation Basic Mead Making Beer, Beyond The Basics      
Donal O'Brien Donal O'Brien Tomaso da Barbiano Reinhardt Medebruer      
Heraldry & Scribal Arts
Medieval Clothlets: Making Portable Watercolor Paints Scribal Heraldry: Getting It In One Uncial - Learning a Calligraphic Hand Fixing Scrolls Scriptorium
Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani Bran Trefonnen Thomas Brownwell Medb Renata Caidan College of Scribes
Behind The Trumpets - The College Of Heralds Name Practices In Foreign Cultures For SCA Heraldry What Do I Do With My Device? Application Techniques For Heraldic Display Heraldic Q & A Field Heraldry Practicum  
Cormac Mor Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux Illuminada Eugenia de Guadalupe y Godoy Su of the Silver Horn Caidan College of Heralds Caidan College of Heralds  
Heraldic Consultation Heraldic Consultation
Caidan College of Heralds Caidan College of Heralds
History Of The Spanish Military Orders Of The Reconquista Japanese Tea Ceremony Soothsaying Through The Ages: A History Of Divination Piquet - 15th Century Card Game For Two Players      
Dietrich von Vogelsang Bronwyn of Gyldenholt Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux Meala Caimbeul      
Ceramics, Metalwork, Leatherwork & Wood Working
Making A Day Shade On A Budget Joinery For Furniture Making Beginning Ceramics Leather Drinking Jacks  
Oliver Dogberry Klaus von Mainz Asakura no Mashi Todde mac Donnell  
Middle Eastern
    Near-Eastern Folk Music - Singing The Small Songs Arabic Maqams Near-Eastern Folk Music - Singing The Small Songs Yurts, Kabitkas & Boz Uy - An Introduction To The Lattice-frame Tent LAB
    Cristobal degli Glicini che Mangia Uome Rajid ibn Hana Cristobal degli Glicini che Mangia Uome Iskander al-Kurdj (Sasha)
Performance (Bardic Arts & Dance)
Dramatic Storyteller: Class & Practicum Period Drumming Song Composition & Performance Period Poetic Forms Dramatic Presentation & The Art Of Contrast Survey Of Medieval Musical Instruments
Caitlin Christiana Wintour Magdalyn Giza Eilidh Swann Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter Lot Ramirez Adelicia di Rienzi
Regional Styles Of Maiolica Overview Of Uroscopy In The Middle Ages Merchant 101 Dancing For The Caroso Ball      
Elaine Fairchild of Bishopsgate Teleri of Gwynedd Morgaine FitzStephen Rochl bas Gershom Sternenkiker      
SCA Interests (Officers' Prep & Society Skills)
Chirurgeon 101 Armor Extraction Constabulary Training Pentathlon Round Table How To Run A Tournament List Exchequer Basics Contracts
Blase di Angelo Blase di Angelo Guy Rand Gallandon Madelena Hidalgo de Valencia Cassandre Loustaunau Rowen Killian Rowen Killian
Intermediate Persona Development Intro to the Awards of Caid It's a Mock Court What Else Can I Do? Surviving Your First Year in the SCA Persona Development
Timotheus Zacharia von Schloss Zwilling Elena Blakfenn Osanna de Fries Osanna de Fries Marie de Womwell Marie de Womwell
Textiles (Clothing, Fiber Arts & Embroidery)
Inkle & Card Weaving: Next Steps Gem Attachment With Gold Thread Fiber Burn Testing (Firebug 101) Beginning Felting Extant Knitted Items Stamp Printing
Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios Illora of the West Lea Flavia Beatrice Carmingiani Bridget Lucia MacKenzie Ciorstan MacAmhlaidh & Mariam Alberran Johanna von Nurnberg  
Survey Of Persian & Turkish Hat Styles Pattern Drafting Through Draping Understanding Fabric For Costumes Hollywood & (Costuming) History Beaded Belts Tassels Ruffs
Albra Katerine Marie Isabel Bautiste Cassandra Zoe Paganal Cassandra Zoe Paganal Maria Theresa Ipenarrieta Miryam t West Seaxe Miryam t West Seaxe Mary Taran of Glastonbury
16th Century German Garb Spanish Ropa - For Men & Women Thread Covered Buttons Hand Sewing & Period Finishing Techniques Master Class: Cutting the Custom Venetian Bodice Anatomy Of A Dress Diary Smocking
Medb ingen Eochaid Illuminada Eugenia de Guadalupe y Godoy Cassandre Loustaunau Ysabel d'Outremer Ciorstan MacAmhlaidh Caterucia Bice da Ghiacetto Mora Ottavia Spadera
Young Children - A Parent must accompany students under the age of 7
Serendipity Viking Runes Make A Leather Purse Or Pouch Time For Court Illuminated Letters Kid's Bardic Life In A Medieval Castle
Sibhan na bhFeadh Isabell Ruan de Aragon Sayeua Bwnnok Eva filia Edeneweyn Aurelia della Rossa Eva filia Edeneweyn Isabell Ruan de Aragon
Introduction To Blackwork Intro To Archery For Youth & Teens Ask-A-Knight Early Period Embroidery Beginning Mail Intermediate Mail Mail Lab
Ealdgyth Eastorlic Syuzanne Delaplaine Kolfinna Kottr Ealdgyth Eastorlic Wulfric Falconhurst Jon Thomme de Claydon Jon Thomme de Claydon