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Saturday, March 8 Sunday, March 9
9-11 am 11am-1pm 2-4 pm 4-6 pm 9-11 am 11am-1pm 2-4 pm
Fletching with Minimum Equipment Archery: Range Mastering Care, Mgmt and Shooting of the Medieval Crossbow
Practical Target Archery - a Guide
Culinary Art
Cooking Salon One Cooking Salon Two Food Safety for Volunteers Period Soda Pop Samrah's Spice Box Cast Iron Cookery with period foods  
Irish Slippers Overview of the Houplelande
15th Century Italian Costuming for Men Palestinian Dress and Embroidery   Angel wing Sleeves for Houpelandes
Dance track
Rhythm of the Night: Dancing to Middle Eastern Rhythms 15th C Italian Balli for Beginners Surviving a Revel on Two Left Feet 15th Century Italian Balli (Advanced)   Learning to Wiggle (Belly Dance 101)  
Fiber Track
  Edwinna's coptic embroidery An introduction to the spinner's world   Nalbinding Tartan and the Triangular Loom
Textile Arts Study Room **
Fiber - Special Knitting Track
Knitting pre-1600 (but what about crochet?) Absolutely Beginning Knitting (or How I Learned to Relax and Love my Needles) Islamic Knitting Hand knit a sock  
How to Choose an SCA Name How to Create an SCA Device Court Heraldry Field Heraldry Practical Heraldry; Heraldic Display for non Heralds How to Draw Heraldry  
Heraldic Consultation **
The History and Development of the Code of Chivalry The Code of Chivalry Today--A Round Table (Ha, Ha!) Discussion A History of the Tournament Companies The Hundred Years War (But Who's Counting?) Last Minute Pentathlon Documentation History's Mysteries and Scandals: Serial Killers and Other Psychos of the Middle Ages History of the Royalty of Caid
Fun and Games in the Middle Ages Book Club: A Distant Mirror
Metal Working
Introductory Reposse Armor making 101- How to close a rivet    
Sand-casting (CHANGE from Soapstone casting) History of the Medieval Pilgrim's Badge Pewter Badge making
  Bidding the Bedes: Medieval Rosaries and Paternosters     How to rub your Fighter The Game of GO
Letter Writing in Period Style
Copyright Law for the SCA (and others)
Music/Bardic Arts
Period Musical Instruments and their Construction How to tell a "No ****, there I was..." Story Bawdy Songs Composing Period Music
Phoenix Players Beyond Baladi - Non Middle Eastern Percussion  
Officer's Classes
Marshalling 201 Pt. 1 (lecture)   Chatelaine Officers class Marshalling 201 Pt. 2 (field)   Marshalling 301 - Senior Marshalling (10-1) Constable Class
Chronicler's Round Table
Rules of the List (10-1)
Rapier Marshalling Sword Belts & Baldrics Rapier 101 Side Sword   Liechtenauer's Art of German Longsword  
Scribal Art's
  Filling in the Blanks Non-European Illuminations   Scribal Basics II    
Paper Marbling   Scriptorium **
Society Skills
Penthalon for Dummies - Presentation documentation It's a Mock Court! Armor Extraction Techniques for Chiriugrons To serve Her Majesty - Being a Member of the Guard Period Camping with Modern Equipment Lists and Marshalling for Boffer Field  
War College / Heavy Weapons
Maintenance & use of heavy weapons shock units in the SCA The one, the Only Duke Paul's Fighting Class Tactical use of the Bow in combat Sir Lasarian's Shield and Mace Fighting for Females Chivalry in Real Combat
Heavy Weapons fighting Practicum
Teens/Young Adults Track
Beginning Lucet for Older Kids & Teens (9-10) Wizards 101 Middle Eastern Dance for Teen Girls Scriptorium for Teens Hand stitched Napkins (9-10) Recorder for Older Kids & Teens Drop Spindle, making your own Yarn
Beginning Storytelling (10-11) Court Etiquette for Teens (and otherwise) Caidan Cross Embroidery (10-11)
Young Children Classes
Medieval Cooking for Kids (9-10) Festive Feastware for Kids (11-12) Fanciful Feasting Fashions (2-3) Ready for a Revel (4-5) Serendipity Room (9-10) Period Games (11-12)  
The Horse in Medieval Life (10-11) Puppets, Fools & other Fun (12-1) Court for Kids (3-4) Boffer Shield Painting (5-6) Recorder for Kids (10-11) Time for a Tale (12-1)

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